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Have you noticed horse-shoe shaped mounds starting to pop up in your yard?

If you have, then you have gophers, and gophers invade, and destroy lawns. Not only are gophers pests, but can cause potential hazards.

How to Tell if You Have Gophers

The horse-shoe shaped mounds are just the surface damage you see. Gophers cause two kinds of damage. The holes they dig compromise the integrity of your lawn. Gophers can essentially cause the yard to cave in, destroying the beauty of the lawn.

What Attracts Gophers

Gophers are strict vegetarians and eat the roots of the grass while digging. Eventually you will notice the grass turning brown due to the gopher’s diet. Gophers will also eat the roots of your trees, flowers and your bedding plants. Gophers drag flowers and bedding plants down to their holes and tunnels and nibble on them.

Dangers of Gophers

The dirt mounds and tunnels become a walking hazard for friends, family, and even horses. If your family members or horses leg gets caught in the hollow holes, family members can break or twist there leg and horses can become lame due to injury from the mounds.

Gophers also carry disease. As mammals, gophers have the ability to carry rabies. However, rabies is not the only disease you have to worry about when you have gophers on your property. Gophers are also carriers of other serious diseases, such as the plague, hanta virus, and monkey pox.

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