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Pigeon Control Phoenix, Tucson, Mohave County

There are many potential health risks associated with a pigeon infestation at your home or office. Pigeons harbor ticks, fleas, mites and parasites. Pigeons carry diseases that can be passed on to humans through its droppings. Diseases live inside a parasite which pigeons harbor. From understanding how the pigeon harbors diseases, there are essentially four ways that these diseases are passed from a pigeon to humans.

Pigeons Can Spread Disease To Humans Through:

  • Food & Water Contaminated with Pigeon Feces
  • Inhalation of Pigeon Fecal Dust
  • Direct Contact with Pigeon Feces
  • Parasites Harbored by Pigeons

Pigeons can also damage your home or commercial building.

Our highly trained technicians will provide intensive inspections and customized pigeon control options for you.

We Offer the Following Pigeon Control Options:

  • Habitat modification
  • Mechanical repellents, plastic or metal bird spikes
  • Sound devices that scare pigeons away
  • Sealing pigeons out using bird netting and other materials

Contact us today if you have a pigeon infestation or control problem at your home or commercial building in Phoenix, Tucson or Mohave County, Arizona.

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