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Termite Control Phoenix, Tucson, Mohave County

Termites literally eat wood…the very wood from which our Phoenix area homes are built. As a result, termites can cause great structural damage to a home if immediate action is not taken by the homeowner. In fact, did you know that termite damage is not covered by many Arizona homeowners’ insurance policies? That’s why Phoenix Pest & Termite Control provides effective and affordable termite inspection and treatment services that can help to minimize or prevent costly damage to your home.

Why Call Phoenix Pest to Eliminate Your Termites?

If you are selling or refinancing your home, we can promptly schedule a Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Report (WDIIR). At Phoenix Pest & Termite Control we offer pre-treatment, fumigation and post-treatment services to handle any termite problem. Our advanced termite techniques used by our experienced technicians enable us to successfully eradicate your termite infestation. Feel free to call us anytime because we offer a FREE termite inspection.

What are The Most Common Types of Termites Found in Arizona?

  • Desert Subterranean Termites
  • Arid-land Subterranean Termites
  • Western Drywood Termites
  • Desert Dampwood Termites

At Phoenix Pest & Termite Control, you can count on us to effectively eliminate your termite infestation around your Phoenix, Tucson or Mohave County, Arizona home or office.

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